Our Open Scanners

Hitachi Oasis 1.2T by Hitachi

The Hitachi Oasis 1.2 Telsa scanner is the most open high field MRI scanner available, providing our patients with a comfortable, stress-free imaging environment. This is a true wide-open scanner, offering the ultimate “patient friendly” scanning experience for anxious, claustrophobic, or larger-sized patients.

This highly evolved, high field, open system provides physicians with superior image quality and advanced clinical capabilities. In addition, due to its higher field strength and advanced software design, imaging speed is maximized allowing patients to be in the scanner less time, unlike traditional lower field open scanners that typically require longer scan times.

At MRI of Southfield we strive to exceed your expectations; our latest high field, wide open scanner is uniquely designed to maximize the benefits to our patients which is at the core of all we do.


1.5 Tesla

Our high-field strength 1.5 Tesla scanner has an extra large, ultra short, “Wide Bore” high field scanning environment. This scanner is ideal for claustrophobic and large sized patients, with no weight limit on the scanner bed. Because the magnet is so compact, many patients are partially out of the scanner during their exam. This unit provides the best of both worlds, the superb image quality available at 1.5 Tesla, as well as patient comfort during scanning.